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    Video: Watch Sea Turtle Attack Lounging Jet Skiers

    When people hear about turtles, they immediately think about how slow they are. With their big green shells on their back, they aren’t exactly the prettiest looking animal either. Well the sea turtle is almost a completely different beast. They can grow to be quite big and lay hundreds of eggs at a time. While many of aquatic animals are captivating, we urge you to be safe around them. You are in their habitat and they will try to protect it.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    Pretty cool vid!

    On an even lighter note:

    From the article: “While I am not a marine biologist, maybe this sea turtle was hungry and saw the green inflatable raft as a large amount of seagrass

    Ha! From MY perspective, from the 0:32 to the 0:42 marks the camera angle and shot show just what any healthy animal’d be after!

    I had to stop drinking decade’s ago but, I can easily remember getting my face slapped in near identical situations, on many an occasion!


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