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    What RPM should a Pro 785 idle out of the water?

    I had an alignment issue with my carbs and throttle cable causing it to rev up on startup, now that I resynced my carbs that seems to be fixed but I just want to make sure Im at the right ballpark for RPM at idle. Does anyone know? My Pro 1200 idles at are 3250 ish but the 785 is wanting to go in the high 3000s - 4100 or so. I know what it should be in the water but havnt had a chance to test it in the water yet this season after completely going through it.

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    That does seem a bit high. You need to have an idle speed of 1350 rpm IN the water. Of course you will be a bit above that when out of the water (I think I recall mine being around 2000 or so out of the water). If you can, adjust your idle screw so that you hit that 1350 rpm when in the water and see what it does when you are not in the water.

    If you find that your engine wants to "take off" either when you first start up or blip the throttle when out of the water, you could have some issues going on: (1) low speed screws are too lean, (2) an air leak somewhere, (3) clogged up carburetors, or (4) throttle blades aren't properly synced up.

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    My 785 idles perfectly in the water, but does idle pretty fast out of the water where my 1200 idles slow out of the water.

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    Mine revs high out of water too, always scares the crap out of me after a rebuild.

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    I figured it all out. The low speed and high speed screws needed to be adjusted on my red top carbs (97 model, 2 hole). They were all out of whack. Now that those are set correctly and the carbs are aligned I am no longer revving up on start and running around 3400 RPM out of the water which is identical to my Pro 1200.

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