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    A hole by the rings on the exhaust port. And a chunk missing between the rings on the other piston. Motor is stock besides riva filter, d plate, and jetworks kit. Was told none of those mods need a fuel controller.

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    2 pictures are piston 1
    The last one in piston 3 with a chunk missing

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    You can rebuild this old ski but you have to find out what caused the damage in the first place or it will happen again.
    I'm confused by the first piston picture since it appears to show the top ring to have two sections of the ring that overlap, need an explanation for that.

    I have a 2007 GPR1300R and have had two oem pistons/cylinders damaged from the ring locating pin loosening and moving up in the ring land.
    Then the ring spun around so the ring end worked its way into the exhaust port and then major damage.
    I ended up going with ProX pistons instead of OEM and they have a much better ring locating pin design.
    After having two OEM pistons damage my engine I wont ever use OEM again.
    You can get ProX piston kits on Amazon for around 125$ each.

    Also you need to have a solid crank before you even consider doing a rebuild.
    The crank is the backbone to the engine and it needs to be in excellent shape.

    Another safety measure is to have your injectors flow tested and cleaned.
    My GPR has 190 hours on it and I just had the injectors tested and one was fair and the other two were poor.
    I have been chasing a loss of performance problem for a few years now and I pretty sure the injectors were the cause.
    The report is below and it shows two of the injectors were only dripping instead of spraying. The CC numbers were under spec also causing a lean burn condition on two of the piston/cylinders.

    Anyway you have to think twice before putting a bunch of money into rebuilding a 2003 GPR.
    It can be done but you might find a bunch of other things along the way that need to be rebuilt.

    Good luck, Ceril
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    Ceril, the fist picture shows 2 rings there because it broke. Amazingly the cylinder is unharmed. The locating pin never moved. My slightly used oem crank arrived today and everything seems fine on it. I believe the sides of the pistons went because of my oil cable. It threw off the whole ratio. Although without the proper amount oil it technically ran richer and hotter spiking up the exhaust side temps without the oil cooling and lubricating. I was going with oem pistons to stay away from aftermarket jazz of this and that. Plus my ski isnt a crazy build. Not even a stage 2. I suppose it would be a good idea to test the injectors. Where did you get yours done at?

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