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Thread: 2006 rxp

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    2006 rxp

    hi guys need help..
    whilst removing the head of my ski I dropped one of the small bolts thart holds the head down in the timing chain end.
    is there an easy way to get it out or is it engine out and tip upside down.. tried an enderscope and grabber but no joy..

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    Flexible magnetic wire?

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    they are stainless bolts so magnetic wont work..

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    How about a vacuum with a small tube?

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    They make a flexible claw used it to get a ring out a drain pipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by noddy_o View Post
    they are stainless bolts so magnetic wont work..
    Are you sure these internal bolts are stainless??

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    Yes, the torx bolts are stainless.... in 06 is when they changed to the 8mm... I think they are steel tho...

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    ok cant find it woth grabber or on endoscope.. i have to remove front cover.. what is inside and what do i need to undo to get inside..its the cover with the supercharger attached.. cheers guys

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    yes I tested with a magnet.

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    shop vac, adapted to 1/4 inch hose..and a whole lotta luck

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