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    Water mixing with the oil 2012 vx 1100 Any Advice is appreciated?

    I been riding these vx skis for close to 15 years now and have been thru several. Over that period I've learned A lot about these machines and how to wrench on them. I may not be the best but I'm not a novice. I appreciate all of you in the community that post threads and respond.

    I am completely stumped and could use some advice. I have water mixing with my oil and I can't pin point the leak. Here's the long story. Ski was running great and a buddy hit something while riding and the ski started taking on water. Enough water salt water the bilge couldn't keep up and water entered the air intake and the motor ingested it. The ski ran prob five or ten mins sucking in water and and the entire engine compartment became full. It did not hydro lock and turn itself off but I did power it off when I became aware of the situation and towed it back to shore not far.

    Once on shore I pulled the drain plugs and then got to work. I pulled spark plugs and then turned the motor over with the starter till I got all the water out of the cylinders. I put some W'd down the cylinders and let it sit a few then turned the motor till it all came back out. I got the ski home within a few hours and changed the oil. put new plugs in it and she fired right up and purred. A few more oil changes and some time on the flush and seemed like I dodged a bullet.

    The hull had a giant hole in the bottom from whatever was hit so I pulled the motor put it in the garage and drained the fuel system or tank. I rolled the ski upside down and did the fiberglass work. Meanwhile in the garage I dropped the oil pan and decided I would let the motor drain all the milky crude out oil whatever was left. She hung on a lift about a week draining. I cleaned out under the valve cover and the oil cooler. I decided to split the motor and really just clean the hell out of the head and get as much residual milky crude out.

    One important thing to note and it may be my issue is I broke a bolt on the exhaust manifold taking it out of the head. I had to drill it to get it out but I did not drill thru the head. I went slow and eventually got the leftover bolt to spin out. I did scar a mating surface on the head ever so slightly where it mates with the exhaust manifold. Not near a water jacket or anything. The scar was subtle and I figured the gasket would make up the difference and seal the surface.

    I took the head up to a head shop and had them mil the mating surface of the head and the block. It was a tad warped nothing too far out. They did clean my head a bit better and it looked basically brand new. No they did not pressure test the head itself but I'm kicking myself now for not doing that. So I put the motor back together new head gasket and put it in the hull. She fired right up purrs like a kitten. I ran it on the flush everything looked good. Took it for a test ride for about 30 mins or an hour and she hauled ass hit about 54 mph top end and everything works. I bring it home flush it compression test the cylinders 185 across the board on all 4. Check the oil although not perfect not too shabby. I did 2 more oil changes over the course of a week everything looks good.

    I flush it with some RV antifreee and she sleeps for a month. periodically turning it over once or twice a week for about 20 secs just to lubricate the cylinders and valves. I pull her back out last week and hook her to the flush for an hour and boom Milk back in the oil. Enough milk that it wasn't residual from the initial sinking. Its coming off the flush for sure. Straight water in the head of the oil cooler. table spoons. And white sludge in the tank. HMMM Change the oil again clean everything in the oil cooler let her run an hour thing purrs. Compression check 185 on all 4. hmmm oil super milky again.Did a Leak down test and nothing is leaking. hmmm Pulled the oil cooler and pressure tested it nothing leaking no bubbles. Strapped an oil cooler on from another ski just to see with fresh oil and no changes just more milky oil. I'm not talking condensation I'm talking it changes the viscosity of the oil.

    I'm pretty stumped cuz it runs so well but I suspect a couple things. I need to figure out how to run air thru the water system and pressurize it. see what it tells me. Any suggestions or advice?

    If that doesn't find it then I'd guess I would have a crack in the head somewhere or I got a crack in the block I would guess. Something near a water jacket.

    Any advice is appreciated even if it's bad new. I'm happy to do the work and figure it out just would like to get a few opinions.



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    If you flushed it for an hour you probably warped the exhaust manifold and thatís where itís coming in. The max you can have it on a hose is 10 minutes and thatís really too long

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