Hi @oljoe,

I have the same boat as yours and recently acquired it as well (2018 was the first summer we had it, it was our father's boat). I definitely love it, but have been having some odd issues with it as well, namely the abrupt "STOP" issue on the starboard engine. Port and Starboard engines fire up after a few cranks and giving them about 1/4 throttle plus choke, however once getting it to run, the starboard engine randomly dies (and splashes a crapload of water all over the engine bay, likely due to that driveshaft boot getting shocked due to the engine stopping abruptly and spraying a bunch of water over everything). I wanted to know if you solved your problem with the one engine cutting out when you start the other one? It might be related to my issue, however mine only cuts out after awhile of driving, and only happens to the starboard motor.

BTW: I swapped out a cheapo aftermarket starter on the starboard engine for an SBT one, with new bolts, new bracket (was missing previously) and it starts and runs really good now, but the cutout issue is annoying when in the middle of the lake and I have to idle it home with the port engine. argg

Thanks in advance!