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    Timing gear plastic cover fell off and somethings wrong - 2010 rxtx 260rs

    Hi folks,

    First post on here for me in hopes of getting some suggestions of what to do with a problem i have.

    I have a 2010 rxt-x 260rs and recently i got back from a day out and noticed the dipstick was blown out and my catch can had also literally blown off the end of the hose.

    I thought there may be a blockage or something so took the rocker cover off and found half the yellow plastic cover that clips on the front of the timing chain sprocket was just sitting there on top of the rockers.... the other half of that plastic cover is gone - who knows where but its quite concerning.
    Also, now i feel like its has a much louder rattle on idle and when it warms up the idle varies and doesn't sit stable, particularly when i snap the throttle it then takes a while to find its idle again.

    A couple of other things to note - supercharge rebuilt about 10 hours ago, intercooler also replaced about 10 hours ago. I did a compression tester (my tester is cheap and old so not very accurate) and all cylinders were pretty even - cant remember exact compression - might've be high 120's?

    So question is - what do i do? i dont know if the blowing dipstick and idle is related to the plastic cover.... basically i need to work out whether i try and find that cover or just get a new one and address the symptoms it currently has.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I cant say for sure what caused it but excessive crankcase
    pressure is what caused the dipstick to shoot out and the catch can to blow off. The most concerning thing is i know on my 2014 ski the tops valve butts up against the plastic cam cover and there is a metal washer that snaps into the plastic insert on the cam gear. So more likely then not that washer along with the rest of the plastic cover is sitting at the bottom of the pto. The pto has to come off to i find those missing pieces. I would not start the engine again until you can find and remove those pieces. As far as the cause for all of this it could be a couple different things but front and center is getting those pieces out of the motor.

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    Thanks heaps for the response.

    I should’ve mentioned I also found that metal washer in the top of the head. Funny thing was that both the washer and the half of plastic I found basically had zero damage other... of course I could see the plastic was snapped but they were scratched or chewed up.

    Anyway - will see if I can get the PTO off... seems to be a big job :S

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    You can pull it while in the ski but its a lot easier if you pull the motor.

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