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If you've never been on a jetpack or fly board before you will be fine. I have one of the original jetlev jetpacks. I rented it out using an 07' Yamaha fx ho cruiser for 2 summers. My skis still run strong.

Seadoo, ur more than likely gonna have alot of maintenance and break downs from what I've seen.

As far as power you should be fine. It takes a while to get comfortable. I definitely wanted more power by the end of first summer. But it was and is still a blast as is.

With limited power 70ft is way too long. It will definitely effect overall performance. With no water its heavy and cumbersome. When its filled it's much worse. Whatever hose ur not pulling up out of the water will be dragging on the bottom and just weighing u and the ski down. My hose is 35ft and I use it all. I could possibly get another 10ft out of my ski but it would be pushing it. Mine is 160hp.

If u can lift 40ft that leaves 30ft of a big ass heavy hose dragging around for nothing. And its gonna kill ur max height pushing water that much further. I would do a test run to see how high you can get then figure out what to cut it at. But I would add an extra 10 to 15 ft because ur rolly gonna get a little higher once you cut away all that dead weight and distance. Plus make sure you include length from pump to front of ski. I'd go 40 to 45ft.

Dual prop absolutely necessary. I tried without it , ski was screaming and I only reached about 10ft. Skat trak is who you want to call. Tell them ur set up they'll do the rest. I believe mine was around $800.

I would highly recommend u get a Yamaha, and stay away from super charged unless you plan on spending alot of time, maintenance and money.

You will be fine with 30 40ft and 160hp. As soon as ur above the water you feel high as shit lol. Took me awhile to get comfortable with 35ft dont know if I could do 70ft lol and I'm pretty much an expert on my pack.

If u have any questions dont hesitate to ask. Goodluck
Hi, thank you for the detailed reply! Hoping the lakes near me will warm up above the 50s this upcoming week.

Did you have a shop put your impeller on or did you do it yourself? I have read quite a few stories of shops installing them backwards. I know my way a jet pump, but I have never even touched a dual impeller.