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    tigershark montecarlo 1000 water on cylinder

    In my 1997 tigershark montecarlo 1000 when i put the hose with water pluged on it the water goes to the ciliders, i'm i putting the hose in the wrong location ?
    Where should i plug the hose to test it out.
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    The water enter on the exaust by the piece 20 to 15, it as a hole on it. What i do ? Somone has the water dyagram to send me please ?
    I need to close anything ?
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    I owned a tiger shark years ago, and if memory serves correct that's where I hooked mine up to the hose. Are you starting your engine before turning on the hose, and turning off water before shutting the engine off?

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    I wasn't doing that, now i'm and it sems fine, but now i've a problem, the engine shut's of when is in idle or in low revs, i have to keep the engine in high revs for it keeps running. And after 2 revs at full gas the fuel filter dry . Where i should have a problem ?

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    Has the ski been sitting for a while? Might need to rebuild the fuel pump or carburetors (or both).

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    I guess this jet don't have fuel pump, it works by vaccum , now the engine just works on high revs ... below 5000 rpm the engine shuts off.

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    It has a vacuum actuated fuel pump.

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