So now I'm questioning the legitimacy on this so-called "new" zone..... because what started out as a good-faith effort to be a responsible citizen and upload this new zone into my GPS, is now screaming of possible shenanigans.

Last weekend, I rolled-up on three poorly place Regulatory Markers, signage "Slow" and "Permit 68C-22" along with marine patrol enforcement. Seems verbal warning only that day. Anyway, poorly, because the spacing grossly exceeds the standard 1/4 mile. Poorly, because I cannot find any addendum addition or expansion of the manatee zone nearest to the south east of Rocky Point in Public Records. I've been on FWC's site - and it still has that southeast zone published since adaptation in 2004/2005. Been all over all week since, and cannot find ANY meetings, public notices, impact-studies that the Manatee Act sets-forth, etc ... big goose-egg going back to 2006.

I don't want to insinuate anything here, I just want the 68C-22.013 updated rule's "textual description with lat/lon" so that I can create an accurate shape file for this new area...
... so can anyone whom might have decent skills or connections in Hillsborough/Tampa please dig a little bit on the background of this new zone? The docs could be just misfiled or not yet uploaded into the records databases.

On that same day (March 24th 2019), I did deliberately mark the lat/lons as follows (within 3-6 feet) :

27.955013, -82.571201

27.961721, -82.575906

27.965542, -82.577155