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    Engine fx140 on fx160

    Hi guys,

    I have an FX 160ho black/blue 006
    The engine IS broke

    I have a FX 140 engine on good conditions

    Are they same? Wireless?
    And ecm?

    I want to put in the Hull
    Thanks for your help


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    Fx160 is slightly larger bore and a little more displacement.

    Fx160 cams are different (little more radical)

    Afaik electrically compatible. I would be tempted to put the 160 cams in the 140 and run it with the 160 ecu.

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    The ecu will presumably be different. The intake manifold and throttle bodies are certainly different. Different prop at least too. The dash on the fx140 is different from yours too. Not sure if that makes a difference with the wiring.

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    Gregultra - As a good rule-o-thumb . . . I like to carry over the full wiring harness & ecu along with whatever engine you are installing.
    That way you insure the timing and fuel maps in that ecu stay with the motor it was originally programmed for.

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    Just did the opposite... put an FXHO motor into a 2003 FX140 hull.

    You need to swap everything from one hull to another. Everything is different, including the motor itself, electronics, dash, jet pump and no security module.

    I wouldn't run the FX140 motor with an HO ECU.

    If needed, I have all of the electronics and jet pump for the 140 motor.

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    Hi guys thanks for you help,
    I search the wireless , ecm, dash gauches , and pump
    Many thanks greg

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    But fx 140 is doing more rpm! was thinking to obtain more rpm from fx ho 160!

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    I want to do a gpr1300 with fx 160 eng and thinking how to gain little more power

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