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    KandN filter straight on the supercharger inlet idea

    Has anyone tried just ignoring all the pipes and going with a k and n filter straight on the supercharger? Is it too hot down there due to engine temperatures?

    I've seen many post where people are putting in these 2 little marine fans in their front air intake port to circulate outside temperature air into their engine compartments? is that feasible? just curious. This is an RXP Thanks again,

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    I think the whole point is to try and get the freshest air you can, and not too sure down there is going to be the freshest.

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    I would think that would be a major water injestion hazard

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    They get more water than air in that place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrogen View Post
    They get more water than air in that place!
    I've installed the marine fans on my RXT in the front intake and rear vent. I get NO water injestion from the front because I cut a 4" hole into the front intake just above the gas tank and mounted the fan at 90 deg to blow directly on the front SC 4" intake. The stock intake hose continues down to the bottom of the ski. The rear fan just helps fent the hot air from the hull. I recommend using them.

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