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    VX pump vibration

    I have a 10 year old VX cruiser which has developed a vibration at speed, that seems to be coming from the pump. Checked engine all compressions good and new plugs fitted. Pump removed and found a small blister in pump housing and impeller touches. I can replace the pump housing but don't know if this will eliminate the vibration. Initially I may try grinding down the blister to make sure impeller has clearance and do a new test run. Has anybody out there got a better suggestion? I'm almost 70 and still do all my own work (slowly) so nothing is too difficult. Thanks in advance Mal in Oz

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    I would try that and see. Does your impeller look bent at all? Have you pulled the cone on the back of the pump to make sure you don't have water in the bearings due to a bad seal?

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    Thanks superair, impeller looks perfect and bearings good. have done grinding with dremel tool, now has clearance of 0.007". Has anyone used the plastic lined pump housings as a replacement?

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    I have used the SBT pump housing with the removable wear dont have to spend hundreds for a wear ring....
    It's just 41.00 to replace the nylon wear ring in the SBT pump.

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