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    So frustrated gp1200r carb issue

    Longtime member not a lot of posts just a lot of reading. After last season not getting it up and running I'm at my Wit's End I need to get this thing up and running this season. I'm just so swamped with work and so frustrated I have no time to drag it to the ramp bring it back drag it to the ramp bring it back. Neet to find a solution asap.

    Ran perfect from 2001 up until 2016. Then it started to bog down and needed to go under the knife. Prolonged it for another year got to it last season. Didn't get it up in time tried testing it a couple times with no luck.

    Prior to last year the only things that had done to it was d plate, and free flow exhaust. I added all the stuff when I started tearing things apart and rebuilding the carbs.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    2001 gpr
    D plate
    Free flow exhaust
    Deleted choke plates
    Stock compression
    Stock waterbox
    Carbon Tech reeds
    110 Pilot jets, 1 turn out on low speed adjusters.
    125 Main jets 1-1/4 turn out on high speed adjusters
    1.5 Needle and Seat, 95 gram spring (Dull Silver)
    42-45 avg. pop-off pressure.
    Regulated return drilled out carb returns in carbs and put a 95 main jet at the brass Barb on the end.

    Carb mods

    Regulated return
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    100 people looked at this and nobody has any input? Please guys...

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    When does your bog occur?

    Just sayin:
    - Fuel tank vent clogged
    - Fuel filter, fuel lines clogged/pinched
    - Air/Vacuum leak, pulse line issue
    - Plugs / gaps / wires

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    I would say it's way past time to rebuild the carbs. Exactly what kind of advice are you looking for? Carb rebuilding advice? Those highs are not set correctly....

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    Did you go with the Mikuni rebuild kit/gaskets or something else?
    Did you check that the carbs did not leak when you rebuilt them? Could they hold the pressure?
    I guess you have tried trimming the adjusters?
    Are the carb linkage synced?

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