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    GTX - misc questions

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and a new owner of a 1996 GTX. After getting it home and looking closer I have a few questions:

    1) There are 2 hoses that drain just below the bumper rail on the starboard side. The larger one tees into a fuel line. The smaller one is long enough to reach the carbs, but not connected to anything. Where should it be connected?

    2) There is a small amount of 2 cycle oil in the bottom of the hull. I can't tell exactly how much until I either flush or pump it out but my best guess is 1-2 cups (1/4 - 1/2 qt). I've traced all the oil lines as far as I can reach and can't seem to find a leak. They're nice and flexible rather than brittle so that's a good thing. Is it possible the previous owner just overfilled and it was slowly leaking out of the top of the tank? But if so, wouldn't most of it have been flushed out during his last ride? It has been sitting for a few months since then and I haven't ridden it yet. Maybe leaking at the bottom of the pump where I can't reach?

    3) When the gauge cluster initially powers up the temp and oil lights come on briefly, however the fuel light does not and the gauge never displays a fuel level. Should I assume the sending unit is bad, or is there something else to check for?


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    update: fixed the gas gauge problem

    I found a few different sources discussing the common issue with the sending unit. After confirming my float still floats and the magnets were intact, I measured no change as the float traveled up/down so it pointed toward the fuse.

    I was referring to the pics here: which was also a 96 GTX. Notice in that pic the fuse was above the plastic float stopper that protrudes from the circuit board and just below the flange.

    However when I measured the position of that stopper, it was above the flange on my sending unit. Before cutting a big access hole, I drilled a small hole to peek inside. I couldn't see the fuse so I drilled the next hole just below the flange and was able to spot the fuse. So then I cut the access hole which was on the top of the circuit board (below the return). Rather than cut another hole on the opposite side to de-solder the fuse, I simply bridged over the fuse and it's working. I'll probably install an inline fuse on the pink wire.
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