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    How much additional clearance do you need for the factory boarding step to swing down without touching the sonar sensor?
    I’m guessing about an inch. I’ll update this thread when I get the skis back with pictures and measurements of the spacer.

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    Great thread. Thanks!

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    I had thought about mounting the xducer this way as well, but the darn thing was so long and bulky, I didn't want it protruding aft like that. So I bought a used spare ride-plate (in case things don't pan-out the way I had planned) and cut a big hole into the plate itself. Then I turned right around and patched/repaired the hole I had made with epoxy/glass composites, restoring the ride-plate surfaces. Next I glued the xducer on the backside of that same patch, and vol-la ... integrated xducer ride-plate. Got great signal, down-scanning works fine. Almost exactly 3 years ago this month - still working great ! Pics are listed here:

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