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    Please help: 2012 FX SHO Cruiser won't turn over...

    Hey guys..I'm stumped. Tried to start it after winter break(in in new orleans so no low temps) and it would turn over. Voltage was 12.7. I thought the battery must be weak so I got a new one with 13v registered. The motor turned over but didn't start..tried again and same thing and now it won't turn over. I put the new battery on the charger overnite and it still won't turn over. I installed a new starter solenoid hoping it would fix it…. no joy. Same thing. Dash nights up, bilge starts, voltage reads 12.7…when I hit the start button the dash goes blank and the display says low voltage.

    She was running perfectly before I put her up about 3 months ago.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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    Possible poor ground connection, or corrosion. Use a volt meter and go from the positive post of your battery to any metal on your engine and check voltage. If low, you have a bad ground.

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    Have you pulled the plugs and tried to turn it over. Or at least check for water in there ? Sounds like it’s maybe even hydro locked. Pulling plugs would tell you a few things.

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    I'm agreeing with this sounding like a poor ground issue. The volts are there, but once large amount of current flows (aka starting attempt), the poor ground connection likely goes resistive, which is like temporarily disconnecting power - hence cluster goes off.

    Trace the black battery lead back to the engine, nearest the starter ... disconnect it, clean it etc... reconnect. Might be best to just pull the exhaust manifold so you can get at the ground easier.

    Side-note (and a long-shot) : there are past situations where the Yamaha security can mimic power/battery issues. So it would take next to no effort to go out to the ski right now and cycle the FOB remote lock/unlock several times to be sure it is truly unlocked.

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    I know this is an older thread, but what ended up being the solution to your problem? Just curious because my ski did the exact same thing this evening.

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    Well never mind, I found my problem. I had a cam gear bolt come loose and back out. It got jammed between the chain and the exhaust cam gear. Not pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac800 View Post
    Well never mind, I found my problem. I had a cam gear bolt come loose and back out. It got jammed between the chain and the exhaust cam gear. Not pretty.
    Ouch new one on me....

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