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    Sea-Doo move I extended 1250 maintenance questions

    Hey everyone,

    I've had my Sea-Doo move 1 extended 1250 trailer since last August and have never done any maintenance and figured it was time to pack the bearings and grease it up and had some questions. For starters,
    the trailer says it's maintenance free but I don't know if I trust that, should I just throw some bearing buddies on and grease it or go ahead and pack it? also, what grease do you guys use. I was thinking just get some marine grease since it's submerged in water like Lucas marine, also I don't know what size bearings and grease seal it is, another question is if I go ahead and pack bearings is how tight do I want the castle nut at the end? I know to tighten it hard the first time to press the hub and bearings flush to the spindle then back it all the way off but how tighten should it be after, just a little over hand tight? And even though the trailer is so young should I re pack bearings or go ahead and replace the bearings and races with some new ones? Amazon sells whole bearing and seal kits or I could get some nice timken ones but like I said I'm not sure what size they are. Any help is appreciated!

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    I would just jack the trailer up and spin the wheels. They should spin freely and make no grinding noises. Also grab the tires by each side and try to "wiggle" them back and forth. There should be little to no movement.

    This is what you don't want:

    RE: maintenance free bearings -
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    how may miles on trailer approximately? if the hub bearings are sealed and maintenance free you could easily get many years out of them before any issues. keeping tires at correct pressure is the biggest worry. i would just jack trailer up each side and wiggle tire to see if it clunks or has excess play. very light play is normal. the castle nut is not really to be tight believe it or not. to tight and it builds up heat.

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    See for a discussion on the Knott hubs.

    The assemblies are only $28 each, includes nut, seal and all. May be worth a call if anyone needs them. Knott part number is 6B 4065.302

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