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    How to become your own seadoo mechanic

    Hi everyone,

    Currently I am in a country with no real pwc mechanics (third world country). I would like to educate myself on how to become a mechanic in pwc's.
    I have no technical background, but I am pretty fast learner. I know there are tons of youtube video and channels, but many times these don't provide the full picture on how to do things.

    Looking forward in hearing from you guys!!!


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    Which country?

    Do you have experience working on mechanical stuff?

    Will you be working on just your own watercraft or also repairing PWC for other people?

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    Although the youtube vids may not cover *every* detail, they *will* give you a really good idea of what's involved in various projects. That being said, there are several fundamental skills that can't be taught through reading or even videos. You just have to learn them thru 1st hand experience, ideally with a mentor's guidance. This is true of most skills, but the difference here is that not knowing them may result in costing more $ to replace damaged parts. Or worse, if you break or strip fasteners it could become *very* difficult and costly to repair, even if you found an expert. There's also the added challenge of how awkward it is to access most of the components on a jet ski.

    Ok, now that I'm done scaring you...

    You'll need a good set of tools. Nothing extravagant like SnapOn, but don't go cheap. I encourage others to chime in, but I'll suggest a list of must-haves:
    * at least 2 tip sizes (small + medium) of both slotted and phillips standard length screwdrivers
    * 1 stubby length of both slotted and phillips screwdrivers
    * 1/4inch + 3/8inch drive metric socket set with multiple length extensions
    * 1/4inch + 3/8inch drive universal joints
    * set of metric combination wrenches
    * set of metric allen keys and/or allen bits
    * set of torx bits (if your ski uses torx)
    * standard, needle nose and diagonal pliers
    * magnetic pickup tool (for the fasteners you *will* drop where you can't reach)
    * torque wrench

    It would probably be safer if you learn how to use all these tools on something other than your ski. Maybe you can find a free non-running motorcycle or something to experiment on?

    Then when you feel you're ready to tackle your first jetski project, the forum can provide more specific guidance.

    Good luck!

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    That's a good start, Joe!

    I would also add:

    Flash light, mirror and/or camera, bent brazing rod for fishing stuff out of the bottom that you drop (most fasteners are non-magnetic stainless steel)

    Magnetic spark plug socket and a locking extension (depending on what engine you're working on)

    Ratcheting 1/4" 'screwdriver' style driver and 1/4" bits

    VOM (volt-ohm-milliamp meter) for basic electrical troubleshooting

    You may need supplies like grease, oil, electrical tape, 3M 4200 & 5200 adhesives (and know when to use each), tie-wraps, stainless safety wire, pipe thread sealant, penetrating oil, rags, etc. Doggie training pads for changing oil filters. Mineral spirits & lacquer thinner for cleaning.

    As you gain experience, you'll learn that you may need different tools for specific parts, an impeller spline tool, for example.

    It really helps if you have hands the size of a 5 year old and arms as long as a guerilla, but that probably isn't the case.

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