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    2007 vx cruiser, worth the buy?

    hi there , new here but long time creeper lol.
    looking at buying a used 07 vx cruiser, it has 205 hrs on it are there any specific problems with the ski i should be worried about and looking out for, i appreciate any input
    thanks greg1

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    I researched the older model VX's a lot the past few years and do not remember anything that was a known issue. maybe actual owners can comment if they know of any issues. with 205 hrs that thing is barely broken in.

    of course you need to check the standard used PWC things like compression, wear ring/impeller, oil color/smell, check wiring for any visible distress, check gauge function etc.

    and if at all possible test ride for minimum of 30 mins with multiple starts and stops on engine.

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    I sold my 2012 VX Deluxe last year with 275 hours. It was bought new and still ran and looked like new. It didn't need anything except the normal maintenance like oil and filter, plugs, battery, and checks of everything to make sure nothing wrong. The 12 has a few differences than the 07 but still the MR-1 engine that lasts well over 1,000 hours and same pump. Do the checks as mentioned and a water test ride, not just a hose start up test, is important. It's a 52-53mph ski and will pull a tube if needed. Good miles/gallon of fuel. It will ride a little rougher when the waves are 2 feet or better but still fun.

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    They will run 800+ hours in rental service with average maintenance. Unless it was taken worse care of than rental service, you are probably good to go if it passes inspection.

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    thanks for the replys, lake is still frozen where i live, so a water test is out of the question. does anyone know what the compression should be?

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