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    Advice needed to install oil pressure gauge

    I'd like to install a mechanical oil pressure gauge on my MSX150. I read a post on the forum where a member had taken the feed from the cyl. head banjo that feeds the oil tank, but it looks a bit tight to install a fitting in that location. I see there is a threaded hole at the base of the oil filter housing, plugged with a set screw. The thread looks like a 1/8NPT, which is the same as the fittings I have. I will have to look further into why there is an imperial thread on a metric engine, but assuming it is the correct thread, can anyone advise if this would be a good spot from which to run a line to my oil gauge?
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    There is a thread on this, I'll see if I can dig it up later, but maybe try a search in the meantime.

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    It’s actually a metric thread that’s very similar to a 1/8 npt thread.

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    Here is the info I was thinking of: LINK

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    This is exactly what I needed. The post from Weberguy was particularly informative, covering the thread sizes, and the outlet below the oil filter housing. (I had inadvertently referred to this as the oil pump housing in my original post, now corrected).
    Thanks to all.

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    The spot where the turbo oil feed line and the oil tank rollover valve connect on the rear side of the head is designed for a double-stacked banjo bolt. If you're running the stock oil tank... then you probably already have both banjos occupied. If running the updated oil tank, then you should have only one banjo on there (for turbo oil feed) and have room for adding a second (with the original, stock double-stack banjo bolt).

    Or if running the stock oil tank... you can eliminate (and repurpose) the oil tank rollover valve oil feed line. All this does is take oil pressure from when the engine is running to open the vent valve to allow the oil tank air out to the oil cyclone separator. When the engine shuts off (like in a rollover) the valve closes so no oil can drain out the vent tubes. It's a safety thing. The updated oil tank is redesigned to capture any oil escaping during a rollover without the use of an oil pressure valve... into the new rollover side tank. Anyways... on the stock metal oil tank, you can remove the oil feed line on top and replace it with a bolt long enough to push open the valve. I've run mine like this for years. Just don't roll it... or you will probably leak some oil.


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    All good info, thanks.

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