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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. GP1800 View Post
    You would not not be disappointed in the ride with a riva plate. Itís the best mod I did to my ski. Well, besides the maptuner

    I totally agree. The RIVA ride plate made a huge big difference in the way the ski rode and handled. If you donít want to spend 250 for the RIVA you can pick up and 2019 plate for a fraction of the cost. I have both and did a side by side comparison and they are very similar except for the black powered coat.

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    I hope to ride with you soon, On my 2018 I have a Riva intake, Ribbon Delete, Riva Grate, Riva Ride plate, Stage 1 plus 8500 rpm with AGR ATR Tune, Solas 13/18, Engine breather, and cooling mod. I always run 93 octane from a name brand station and plan on a can of Royal purple octane booster for insurance. The octane booster should raise me to 95-96 octane and I am hoping to break 85 right now and maintain 82ish in the summer.

    That said, I am having my shop load my tune for me because Im a Apple guy and not interested in anything windows. The shop who does my work is 300 miles away so I called Riva to inquire about the differences in AGR and AGR ATR tunes. I am told that the only difference is the throttle response, fuel and timing curves are identical, the ski will respond more like a cable controlled throttle body and not drive by wire(Electronic Throttle body)

    Hit me up in a few weeks and maybe we can ride Joe Pool or Grapevine.


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    You are right where I was before winter mods were installed. I was at 78+ and 8400 rpm with stage 1 plus, 13/18, Riva grate, and kanaflex. My son's identical equiped GP with stock prop went 77+ and much less rpm. I did the 13/18 because of the mods done now like Fizzle and others but haven't been in water yet.

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    I’m stage 1+ with the stage 1+ tune limited at 8000 rpm. Ski runs up to 8000 and pulls back to about 7920 or so. I’m running 77-78 mph with the 13/20 prop

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    Stage 1 plus 8500rpm tune and supporting mods 83 degree outside air temp

    With a passenger I was able to hit 82mph @ WOT

    Solo 180lb rider I was only able to run 78-79 @ WOT

    Solo@ 7000rpm Im running 68-70mph

    The ski is a animal with this 13/18 impeller, I haven't installed cooling mod but will do next week. Only reason I rode without was because water temps are still relatively cold.

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    Curious how a stage 1+ tune is going to work for my gp1800r. I have a cold air, ribbon delete, exhaust, and 13/20 prop. I’m hoping for 80. A few people recommended the 13/20 over the 13/18

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    Yep one good FZS

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    update GP 1800 : installed the 2019 stock plate and grate, put a 2 1/2 vent ( flo-rite ) under the top cowling and did the 4 inch kanaflux air intake, this with the map-tune agr 8500 tune, and solis 13/18 put me at 80 in the heat ( 523 altitude ). I knew the ol GP wanted to run because it just touched 80 in the swamp ( sea level , 95 deg F, 100% humidity) with out the air mods.
    getting plenty of air into the hull and charger makes a world of difference.

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    I have a 16 FXCSVHO...Dean's tune, limiter set at 8650. Ribbon delete, free flow exhaust, 2 degree wedge, and a stock impeller..(have not tuned it yet)...stock intercooler, and Jim's cut plate....and I'm at 80mph with a 250lb rider, turning 8300 rpm. Fizzle on the way...then will tune the impeller. Will prolly end up at 84-86 mph once finished.

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