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    Unhappy Help: 1999 gp1200 trouble

    I just recently bought my gp1200 it has 43 hours I’ve put about 3 hours on it it ran perfect when I bought it. It died the other day in the water my fire extinguisher exploded inside the hull I opened up the carbs they didn’t look too dirty the powder didn’t get too much into them but it did get some. Now I cleaned the carbs out and started the ski it runs out of the water but won’t run in the water. It needs a starter it’s a little weak I was thinking it could be the starter not wanting to start under a load anymore but I’m not sure. The ski also runs with a hose attached.
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    Sadly, you will probably have to completely disassemble the engine. The powder used in most fire extinguishers is very corrosive to aluminum (don't know about steel) if not cleaned quickly. If the engine shut off, the powder was probably ingested through the intake system, then the crankcase, then combustion chamber. I suppose that it could have happened so fast that it plugged up the flame arrestor screen and prevented most of it from entering the engine, but I doubt it. Hopefully, it didn't damage the crankshaft, but you really need to inspect it thoroughly.

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    carbs. Take the diaphragm covers off and clean or replace them. I put a little grease on them so they don't stick to the cover. The diaphragm allows the fuel to get to the main jet and make rpm and power. The engine won't make enough vacuum on a trailer to open the main jet - it's only running on the idle circuit - even if it sounds good and makes rpm. It has to be in the water to make vacuum.

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    before you replace your starter, make sure all your cables are good and all connections are recently cleaned(wire brushed). There's no load on the starter in the water, bc it's not moving the prop anywhere near fast enough.

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