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    Karavan/Magic Tilt Single Double Aluminum Trailers

    Hello Hulksters,
    it been some time since I first posted about the Karavan Double Trailer. It’s been many years since the first post and video but I would like to thank all those that purchased in the past. I have literally shipped them all over the Country and abroad.

    When I first posted the trailers were being made under the Karavan Lable. They are now manufactured in Tampa the exact same trailer but with the Magic Tilt Lable. They have increase the price two times over the years so I can no longer offer them at $2,150. However, if your interest the price is now $2,350. You still have to pay tax and title at your location..
    Robert Stolpmann
    St Augustine Florida
    The process is still the same, you can verify with other Green Hulk purchasers. Your trailers will be built brand new after you have paid for the trailer in full. Depending on factory production and delivery you can expect the trailer in your possession 7-14 days from the start date. Generally your bill of sales and titles will arrive prior so you can get your tag work done prior to delivery. My area is most of the Southeast!

    Thank you for your continued support!

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    is that why karavan doesnt have parts listed for them anymore? meaning i can get parts from magic tilt to fix mine?

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