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    155 NA rpm and engine temp questions

    Iíve got a 2002 gtx 155. What should the top speed be on this craft and what kinda rpms should it be running at that speed? Also wondering what kinda engine temps itís should have

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    Not sure rpm my 02 runs around 55mph. Doesnít have a temp gauge so not sure.

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    Do you notice the pump being louder on your 2002 compared to other year models?
    i also have an 2008 and the pump is much quieter.

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    I have a 13 as well I think the 02 is quieter. But I switched the 02 pump over to gear oil. That made a big difference. Switching the 13 before upcoming season.

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    I might give that a try what are you running in yours and how much?

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    75w140. Not sure how much. Just kinda eyeballed it. About 2/3 of the cone, maybe a little more.

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    And weíre talking about noise out of the water right? In water they both make no noise.

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