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    800 dollar a year fee?

    guys, read this if you already havent and sign it.

    there is a bill trying to be passed that says we will have to pay 800 dollars a year, a boat to have legal registration.

    the explanation.

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    With this kind of economy today, they're just trying to come up with anything to get the money out of the people.

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    Aint gonna ever happin. Same way they will never ban 2-strokes. Theres just way too many of them.

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    They can eat a 50' roost from the Pro if they go that route, I ain't payin, I ain't stoppin

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    I wrote my congresspeople. All three. I got a response today from one:

    Quote Originally Posted by Senator Barak Obama

    Dear Bryan:

    Thank you for writing to advise me of your support for H.R. 2550, the Recreational Boating Act of 2007. I appreciate hearing from you.

    This bill would exempt recreational boaters from commercial shipping discharge permits. It is critically important for the protection of aquatic ecosystems that we maintain strong regulations governing the discharge of ballast water into areas such as Lake Michigan. Invasive species or diseases introduced into our Great Lakes by foreign vessels have created many problems - - the zebra mussel, to name an example.

    I share your concerns, however, about the unintended consequences that changes in the interpretation of commercial shipping discharge permit requirements pose for the recreational boating industry. While a companion bill to H.R. 2550 has not been introduced in the Senate, you can be sure I will remember your concerns should this bill be considered by the Senate.

    Thank you again for contacting me. Please stay in touch.


    Barack Obama
    United States Senator

    Nice huh? I'm going to write back again today saying that I fail to see the correlation between industrial shipping and recreational boating.. and ask how an $800 permit will stop a vessel with no ballast tank from dumping ballast water?


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    thats ridiculous, just like this whole idea..either way i wont be paying.

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