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    Hi. Here in Scotland, dry suits are used half the year almost. We have all been out through the winter on the skis in below freezing temperatures. We use the following gear
    Thermal base layers
    Pair of warm trousers or similar that isn’t restrictive for movement
    T-shirt over the base layer and warm fleece
    Drysuit with built in neoprene feet. Thermal socks underneath. Very important.
    Trainers or wet shoes that can easily drain of water.
    Good pair of neoprene gloves with latex mechanics gloves underneath.
    Full neoprene hood or a good tight fitting beanie hat.

    Main thing is to keep your hands and feet warm. These are the first to go cold.
    Good pair of goggles or sports glasses are handy too.
    Also let the ski warm up for a good while before you open her up.

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    I use a drysuit and wetsuit, the drysuit keeps you warm and toasty and the advantage us that you can change what you wear underneath depending on outside temp. I also have one with built in latex socks and then I wear neoprene boots over. My suit is in a brearhable fabric to provide some ventilation. Wetsuit I mainly use on colder summer days evenings.

    I run Oakley H2O googles which are made for water use, availsble in the A few frames. I also have a pair if Oakley MX googles as they are also made for mud, dirt, water spray.

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    i use the oniell physco one 4/3mm rear entry wetsuit.
    amazon cheaper brand 3mm neo socks
    Jetpilot x2 phantom boots
    dirtbike gloves (troy lee designs)
    oniell Neo bennie or my Carbon Downhill bike full face helmet (troy lee designs)
    Oakley Airbrake MX goggles

    and if its bellow 40* out or windy
    ether a tourcoat or just a light jogging jacket to help with the wind chill.

    i used this at 38-60* air temp and feel great! even would dip in for a swim.

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