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    Quote Originally Posted by whatnissan View Post
    Man Iím too far in on redoing this ski. I have ordered about 2500 in parts now and tomorrow it will be running and back together all clean and perfect.. I just want my damn title now and registration.. Iím in touch with the old owner on record he still has the title..

    he is as confused as me as to how the dealer sold me the ski and charged me tax and title fees when they never had them. They said they mailed the paperwork off but calling the state today I was told thatís not true they would have a record of that.
    Why would the original owner still be holding the title if he sold the ski to a dealer?

    Would the dealer not need to demand the title as part of accepting it from the old owner?

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    could be more then one title floating around....

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    Well it turned out the old owner sold it to a friend who still stored them at his shop. I guess that guy is or was friends with the owner of the dealer. Supposedly he just traded them in and never got the titles from the old owner.. this whole thing is a mess because the dealer is saying they sent in paperwork they obviously do t have cause I’m in contact with the old owner.

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    Sounds a lot like this particular establishment is full of lying crooks. Did any of them used to be auctioneers?

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    Well I called the cops yesterday and filed a report on the advice of the Texas wildlife Department and they are not open on mondays so today I got a call from the cops saying they are going to handle it and pay the late penalty’s cause it’s been over 20 days from date of sale. I also spoke to a lady there who was super nice and apparently just got hired and is handling it personally. So at least I’m going to get my title now. I think it’s bs that it came to this and I had to track down the old owner and get cops involved but whatever. She totally understood my frustration and told me she would call me this afternoon with news. So this night mare might be over here soon. My ski goes the rest of the way back together today and I finally get to test it too!!

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    Looking forward to hearing about your ski getting back on the water.

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