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    2019 GTX 155 or yamaha VX

    Looking to buy my first ski. Went to the shop with the intention of buying yamaha until I saw the features and comfort of the GTX. I really like how the storage compartment is accessible from the seat on the GTX. It's a bit more expensive than the VX and I'm not sure about reliability.

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    Although you say that it will be your first ski, you don't mention whether or not you have experience. And that leads me to possibly being out of place with my reply. My advice is to not buy new.

    Now, the reason I say that is that I bought my first ski brand new. I had no experience. It didn't take long before I decided that I should have bought used for my first ski. Why? Because there is a relatively steep learning curve and it wasn't long before my brand new ski was pretty scratched up. Just because I didn't know what I was doing. I thought everything would be okay because i'm old and slow. Didn't matter, there's still lots to learn.

    Carry on.

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    I do have experience. Pretty much grew up boating and I'm very comfortable maneuvering a watercraft. I intend on using the ski for trips and riding through florida intracoastal and occasionally the ocean.

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    That’s a question with not an easy answer...if they were the same price, I would take the Doo. Frankly, those two machines are not really an even comparison. One is 110 hp and the other is 155. But I do think the VX hull has advantages.

    A better comparison would be a VX Cruiser HO

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    Which vx? There are 2 different engines the tr-1 1100cc motor and the 1800cc motor

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDAV View Post
    Which vx? There are 2 different engines the tr-1 1100cc motor and the 1800cc motor
    The 1049cc motor. I'm leaning toward the GTX but waiting for demo days.

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