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    Gti 155 lack of performance (after service)

    Hi all

    I have recently picked up my first ski, a Seadoo GTI SE 155 (2013) and itís a great little unit with plenty of power and perfect for exploring the waterways.

    I decided to take it in for a service and checkup as the oil hadnít been changed in about 18 months prior to me buying it.

    I took it to a reputable seadoo mech and had new oil, plugs, wear ring and greased everything up.

    Ever since getting the ski back it feels way down on power, doesnít accelerate as fast and top speed is down a few mph (does about 54mph on the display). It feels about 15% slower than before, previously a passenger would really need to hang on when hitting the gas in sport mode, now it feels much more tame.

    I have checked oil level when warm and appears fine (half way), checked plug gap and itís per service manual, new wear ring appears fine.

    Any suggestion on what to check for or what could have gone wrong during service and wear ring replacement? The mech seems to think itís fine but itís a different ski to what it was before and I was kinda expecting it would be BETTER if anything after new oil and wear ring, not worse.

    Iím pretty mechanical minded so donít mind getting in and having a go at things, just need some suggestions on what to look for or check?

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    Sounds like they replaced the wear ring and have a little more Gap than it used to. Some aftermarket wear rings have a bigger gap than the factory ones do thus a slower performance...... just a suggestion....

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