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    Unhappy Just bought a 2010 Seadoo RXT-X that wont run

    So found this 2010 RXT-X online at a dealership, and it was such a good deal that I drove 5 hours to get it. It was sold to me as a running ski, and they even had me wait while they changed the oil (which it looks like they didn't ). They told me to hurry back so I could try it out that day and let them know how I liked it. It was a little dirty inside and scratched up, but it started and looked like with a little TLC she would shine. I get back to my house and launch it in the water. I had a hard time getting it to start because of the connection with the key, but I'm thinking there is probably a fix for that. I start it up and go to take off, and it wouldn't really rev. It feels like the power is slipping and it's just not going. I immediately called the dealer, and the finance guy answered. He was like "um sold as is, I'll have to get back to you Tuesday." Same dude that tried to sell me a $900 warranty. Well I have it all pulled apart now, and I did figure out that the intake had water in it and that the intercooler was leaking bad tons of water in the intake. I also did a compression test and pulled the supercharger, and I'm going to send it off to get it rebuilt. Hopefully the dude is still doing it on here. I also ordered a 2016 updated intercooler, and I'm going to just change the oil clean it all up and go from there. I think the dealer should give me 1k back considering, but we will see. I don't know why they would sell a used ski that hasn't been water tested. What do you guys think of these compression numbers??? That rear cylinder has me a little worried, but i think it's ok.

    Also can anyone tell me if i have the updated washers???
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    Get ready to replace driveshaft as well. This year is famous about stripped splines at impeller side. Old type driveshaft had a rubber coating. Easy to check.

    This year should have already the newer washers but you need to do a complete rebuild anyway due the age of the bearings.

    Also this year has the jetpump mounted on the rideplate. Which was not a real improvement and that’s why BRP went back to the hull mounted jetpumps from 2012 and on.
    Keep an eye on these mounting bolts.

    Use the search function, there’s a lot of info about these models on the forum.

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    May not be related but you shouldn't be seeing 160psi unless your gauge is reading about 20 too high.

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    well I sent the supercharger out to 4-techperformence to get rebuilt and i have the 2016+ updated intercooler on the way. I have taken apart and cleaned eveything in the engine bay. Im hoping to get my supercharger back before the weekend and i should be able to get it together and actualy test it out and see. So is there a spefic bolts i need to get or can i just go to home depot and get some grade 8 bolts that are the same length? I cant really see the driveshaft on this thing. Im used to the needle bearing set up on my old polaris skis. I know seadoo has been doing carbon ring for years but i just have never messed with it.

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    Dive under the ski and look through the intake grate and you will see the driveshaft.

    When you get it running leave it on the trailer on the ramp and observe carbon seal with seat up.

    Bolts for SC are normal stainless steel bolts.

    I hope there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for you after this bad buying experience......

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    What do you mean observe the carbon seal? What should I look for? I’m trying to figure out the parts or a kit to upgrade the driveshaft and carbon seal to the new 2012 style .. I think this has everything but I’m just not sure . You need to replace the pto seal and I’m not sure how to find that on the parts lists and stuff . I think this will work

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