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    2013 Yamaha Vxr price check

    Not 💯 as of yet but is a reasonable asking price for a 2013 Yamaha Vxr with 78 hours (blue) Ski is in excellent condition and has a load rite trailer that is like new. I am thinking of getting a new ski and this will be sold on east coast Delaware and Maryland area. I looked up nada and so on but prices are all over the board.
    Ski will also have new plugs and synthetic oil and filter change. Just looking for a rough ball parkidea to list at if I decide to sell. I may wait until fall so no offers at this time please. Thanks

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    I sold my 2012 vxs with 86hrs end of season in sept for 8k$ (cdn dollars) with Triton aluminum trailer and factory cover. Could have probably got 9k start of season. Hope that helps

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    I have noticed NADA is not really a good indicator on PWC's but that is what the lenders will reference if someone needs a loan to buy it. you may think it is worth more and might be able to get more if they have cash saved up but if the buyer uses NADA he might try to get you down on price for a 7 year old PWC. good luck

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