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    Which pwc Dolly best bang for $

    Evening, all!

    I am just a rec rider but, it is apparent to my wife and I It is in our best interests to invest in a goood, dependable pwc dolly now, before we really need one and regret procrastinating. Right now the stable consists of a ‘18 Yama VXR a ‘19 Kawa SXR 1500 and a ‘19 Sea Doo Spark Trixx

    We want to have the dolly on hand for everything from sponson installs to possibly wintering either the SXR 1500 or more likely the Spark on the dolly in our heated garage. (Not enough room in there for another trailer between her ‘66 GTO and my Chally!)

    So, how about it? Which Mfr / model is the best bang for our non-pro but consistent use? Any sources with decent pricing are also appreciated.

    I’ve started looking and have come across these two thus far:
    Harbor Mate Personal Watercraft Dolly $170.
    Walmart # 572675645

    Costway 1000lb Capacity PWC Boat Dolly Shop Cart Storage Stand Watercraft Cart PWC Dolly
    $160. (allegedly reg. $240 (?)

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    Whewee, glad these forums exist as, now that I’ve been doing some more inter web browsing it appears a number of the carts I’m coming across are made by some, same shop / fabricator and simply being “re-branded” (example: reviewer complaints about poor / non-existent assembly instructions; missing parts; mis-aligned bolt holes and bolt holes not drilled “mirror” one another just too closely to be about different original mfr’s)

    This one seems to be a stand alone; however; (and unlike the less expensive ones) the bunks on this one are NOT adjustable and I am not sure “18” width bunks are gonna be ideal for a VXR, not too mention the 11” height of the bunks is half the height of tjeb21” height on the less expensive models ...: SBT pwc Shop Cart, $210

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    you talking beach dolly or shop cart dolly? shop cart wise browse the "how to" section and. "bomb proof cart" it has the blueprint and everything. you can easily adjust height as needed. ive used them for fully loaded ultra 310's to gp1800s with ease. total cost is about 35$ in wood/bunk carpet. caster wheels could vary widely, choice is yours.

    if you're talking beach cart you cant beat aquacart for the price. jetlift is super fancy looking but IMO who cares fancy all i need it to do is get my ski out of the water..

    edit: looks like you're talking shop, definitely build your own!

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    I have 2 of these and they are great! They roll sooooo easy!

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    Thanks MWHC, Myself!

    Definitely a shop cart and, man, I’d build a bomb proof if I wasn’t on the road so danged much (bunch of family stuff unexpectedly) and didn’t already have about 1/2 a dozen build projects hanging over my head (geez, a footbridge, some deck trusses, workbenches, arghhhhh! First world problems I know man but, for a couple hundred and free delivery ...

    Myself, ill check those out! LOL, while I was waiting on some feedback I come across this pretty decent article - for any who dig this thread up in the future,

    Catchy title, eh! “Top 5 Jet Ski Stands

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    MWHC, I gotta admit; the KISS of these bombproofs - and how good they look when done right - is VERY appealing!

    Thread from the past:

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