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    SeaDoo GTX Smoke/Exhaust Code

    Hello everyone. After extensively searching the internet I figured it would be best to post here and see what people with more knowledge than me on this subject might have to say.

    I have a 2006 SeaDoo GTX 215 4-tec with Supercharger and Intercooled. It has 70 hours on it. Last summer, it blew a coolant hose (The one from the plastic reservoir) so I replaced it and filled up the coolant. When that happened, it went into limp mode, but luckily I was only about 5 minutes away from the dock.

    Since I replaced the hose and filled up the coolant, I get a lot of white smoke coming from inside the engine, specifically on the left side of the engine bay near where the metal exhaust hose connects to the engine. I also get a lot of white smoke out the back. It runs for about 3-4 minutes before getting a P1544 exhaust code. I'm not exactly sure what this could be and what could be causing the smoke. I don't believe it's the head gasket since the oil is fine.

    I'm very well versed with car and boat engines, but I don't know a lot about these engines specifically. I appreciate any help I can get! Thanks!

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    White smoke out the back, you know what that is.
    You also know a head gasket can fail without contaminating the oil.
    Running any engine for 5 mins with no coolant is very likely to cause damage to cylinder head and gasket.

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    I was afraid of that. Thanks for your input. I went through most of the exhaust system and no visible clogs or holes so unfortunately, I think I'm going to take it to the shop tomorrow morning. The reason I'm trying to fix it is to sell it since it doesn't really get used anymore.

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