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    What does accessory “Electrical Connection Kit” consist of?

    ‘Lo, all; warmer water temps are on their way!

    Question: Anyone know what the “Electrical Connection Kit” consists of? This the accessory that is listed as an optional add-on (for $95) when you’re at the Sea Doo website “building and pricing” a ski (in this instance a Spark Trixx).

    There is no photo and d*mn if the device I’m on (I’m on the road thru next week) doesn’t instantly “hide” the description toward the bottom of the page for this individual item when I click on it (Rrrrr!) and now its so late my friendly local dealer is closed. Asking here as I am curious as I build an order I’d like to submit without any further delay.

    I tried elsewhere here on the internet and still don’t find any detailed info, only that the kit is intended “for any Polytec and/or Spark hull(s)”

    I did opt for the $50 “12 volt Outlet and Connection Kit as the photo next to thatbifem is pretty much self-explanatory but, the “Electrical Connection Kit?” Uh, not so much ...

    Thanks in advance for any detailed info!

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    Okay, I’ve been able to discern it allows you to “tap into” the wiring harness with up to 2 electrical devices AND it is required to install the depth finder so, it’s a “go!”

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