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    newbie here

    what's up people? Just bought a used ski for a good price and now I'm in need of some help getting it running. it was liscened last yr so I am gonna assume the motor is o.k. but somebody hacked up some of the wiring and I was wondering if somebody could e-mail me a wiring diagram for a '89 580cc sea-doo? also I need the other half of the box that holds the solonoid and that the battery sits on.

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    Can't help you with the wiring diagram, but welcome to the board....BigT

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    thanks BigT, but anybody who reads this,any help would be appreciated. I wanna get this old girl out on the water and see how much fun these ski's are. I never owned one until now, but after years of dirt bikes and ski-doo's I see it as being nothing but pure fun that I know I'll enjoy.

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    nobody has this info that they could share with me??

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