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    Did anyone do anything with their audio in the last month? I also just got speakers and may want to upgrade too!

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    Has anyone up graded yet? If so what did you do and more info please

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    I just saw this and looks like it could be a good alternative!

    Wet Jet Performance -

    RTG sound system - The speakers are coated carbon fiber and the horns are above marine rated. Standard marine rated stuff doesn’t see constant direct water exposure. The RTG 8 elite is 700 watts with carbon fiber 8 inch compression horn drivers. All plug and play with no drilling or cutting. We utilize the oem mounting points.

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    That looks promising. Might be a little overkill for what I personally would want but a very nice setup. I would just love to hear the music bump when I am ripping over 40mph which is where I normally stop hearing the music and start the hear the wind noise. Also, any more bass is a welcomed addition.

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    Hi All, Has anyone made any progress ?

    Im looking to get the most out of these speakers so thinking a secondary more powerful inline amp is the way forward?

    want to avoid changing out the Bluetooth controller etc.
    I thought I found an alternative in the Fusion blackbox, but its lacking power.

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    Seen posts on this forum and other about the BRP premium audio package and upgrading the amp. Has anyone figured out how this is done yet please? We have 2 GTX300's and you can hear the stereo. No-one seems to have followed up with an actual post - has anyone done it yet? Would appreciate any guidance.

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