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    Quote Originally Posted by usamps View Post
    My 19rxtx came with the speakers. I really wanted it just for the speaker enclosures. I thought it would sound like crap. I was going to install my own amp and speakers in it. To save on fiberglass work, building my on enclosures. But I must say it's a very nice system. Its loud , clean and pretty good bass.

    Im very interesting in seeing the results.

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    It seems that the factory installed version of the speakers has a bottom mounting support that the speaker clips into before being mounted to the side of the ski. Anybody have any idea how to undo that clip so I can remove these from the ski? BRP installation instructions online are terrible. They reference the support but don’t even show it as a part. I think factory installed uses more parts.

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    Well seconds after I posted that I finally figured out how to release this clip. Although I did crack it. Very frustrated that BRP does not put complete instructions. Anyway here’s some pics of what I discovered since you will not find them on the Internet anywhere apparently.
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    Any updates on modifying the stock speaker boxes and also the other DIY you mentioned to be making?

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    Anyupdates on more powerful amp?

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    In as well for a DIY amp upgrade. Who has the goods? That internal amp sure looks small.

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    Has anyone come across troubleshooting these speakers not working? I've been issue free for months and rode the other day, then the following day it was just not turning on and making that initial beep. I could see some dim white lights on the speaker controls blink. I was able to later get it to turn on briefly, made that usual beep, then just shut off again. It would be an annoying thing to take this over to the dealer to look at (not even sure if it's under warranty) or I was going to try to get to the connection and see if it may be loose or something.

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    I sure would like to replace the OEM amp as well, I’m looking to purchase the JL Audio M6 6.5 speakers, 280 MX Amp and controller. Just not sure if the controller will fit into the OEM encloser. Has anyone done this already? If so, please post some pics thanks

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    Updates on amp install?

    Quote Originally Posted by RR697 View Post
    I'm going to start off with my thoughts on the BRP Premium Audio System. To give my self credibility, I have installed thousands of audio systems from a $35 deck in a Honda Civic to a 600hr custom marine build spanning several months.

    Why I bought the BRP audio upgrade:
    Honestly it was because I'm no longer in the industry and no longer have the desire to make custom fabricated parts so the factory pods looked pretty good! I did not go into it thinking the factory speakers would sound very good.

    Build Quality?
    The stuff looks solid, the amp is a decent size and its spaced off the panel to allow for proper airflow. Speaker/crossover look monstrous and capable of serious bass.... The source unit, amp and left speaker are all in the left pod. The right pod just has the other speaker in it. The amp is suppose to give 50 watts to each speaker so this should allow for decent sound. The speakers are made to withstand marine environments and the o-ring "sealed" enclosure is a bass reflex enclosure which had me excited.

    Sound Quality?
    Everything physically looks like it would pound and be pretty loud.....however I think the amp cuts the speakers off way too soon... they hardly have any mid-bass and no bass.... they go decently loud but it's nothing special. I would be curious to simply replace the amp and see what kind of sound I could get out of these stock speakers (for guys trying to keep the stock look, not spend a lot and really up the sound quality/bass). It's apparent whoever designed the speakers designed them robustly and they were made to pound...whoever made the call on the amplifier cutting off so early (HPF) killed the package.

    Should you buy it?
    Yes! It's not perfect, but for the price its decent. A huge plus and the reason I purchased my ski with the system is it leaves a lot of clean looking options later that I can upgrade to!

    It's available here in the GreenHulk Store
    Sea-Doo OEM PWC BRP Premium Audio System RXT GTX Wake Pro

    Fully integrated BRP Premium Audio System. Bluetooth† connectivity. Fully-submersible. Two powerful 50 watts speakers for music clarity, even while...
    295100711 $949.99

    Also keep an eye out for the following how to articles. I will post these up on here soon with detailed instructions and photos.... the internet is lacking these.

    How to install Ergolock knee pads on the GTX
    How to install the BRP Premium Audio System on the GTX/RXT ( also more important if you bought your ski with these on I will tell you how the heck to take em off!!)
    How to install the USB port on the GTX/RXT
    How to install a proper(marine rated) bilge system
    How to add aftermarket electrical components to true Marine standards (For corrosion and fire/explosion resistance)
    Any updates???

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    Here is the wiring diagram for the stock setup. I want to do a 8” speaker upgrade and upgrade my girls 2020 gtx before summer. I want to do it where it uses the factory controller so if he doesn’t post an update I’ll be doing one sometime before summer
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