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Thread: Burning oil

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    Burning oil

    On my RXT 05, the oil is going low every time I use it, i use to to add 1/2 litre every time i use it and some times also a litre. Last time i used it, the low oil buzzer came on, and i add 2 1/2 litre.

    I think that this is compretion in the bottom end.

    Any help please?? Boat is stock

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    Do a leak down test and it will tell you if it is passing by the rings.

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    How many hours on it? If its burning that much oil it sounds like the oil control rings are shot.

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    85 hur.

    What is down leak test? does it show in a compretion test?

    Also the rear spark plug was different that the others.

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    Do a leakdown test. You pressure up the cylinders with a leak down tool and measure how fast it leaks down.

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    How much will cost me this tool????

    Can i check with compretion tester???

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtx ltd View Post
    Can i check with compretion tester???
    If it's as bad as it sounds you could do a compression check on all of the cylinders and it might point to the bad one, unless they are all bad. A leak down is the real way to check the rings though.

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    I pulled out the plugs, and the front and mid are nice and the same color, the rear is different and a bit darker. i will wait to jerry to give me the price of the tool, so i will buy it.

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    I've just order one leak dowm testerfrom summit. Can i know what is the bar pressure i need to use for the test????

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