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    Rxpx 255 free flow exhaust

    I have an Ď08 rxpx 255 with r&d intake grate, Solas impeller, rxp nozzle, and opas blockoffs. I was wondering if the free flow exhaust would add any speed gains? I put one on my ultra 150 back in the day and that added some speed. I remember people did not advise to put one on my Gp 1300r when I had it. I just want to know if itís worth doing and if it will add anything more than sound!

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    No it will not get you any speed just a nice drone

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    The free flow exhaust won't add any speed. It just makes for a louder ski. They also have a terrible drone at lower RPM. For that reason I don't generally recommend the free flow exhaust. I'm a big advocate of the Riva rear exhaust. It sounds awesome and cleans up the inside of the hull a lot and makes the ski more reliable as the plastic and rubber exhaust components are prone to burning through and leaking. This is the kit you would use on your ski

    RIVA Sea-Doo Rear Exhaust Kit 255/215 (fits RXP/RXT/GTX and X models)

    Kit allows removal of restrictive sound suppression system located between waterbox and hull exit. Improves engine performance by reducing back...
    RS15050-1 $269.95

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    Thanks a lot guys!

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