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    At the end of the day I went with the Fizzle. After reading James' bio on the Fizzle website... how he got into jet skiing...sounds alot like me.....and like someone else said on this thread....I really think Riva inflates their speed gains to sell more products. (That is my opinion only)! Don't beat me up for it!
    U'll be happy with your choice...i do believe they are both good I/C. maybe fizzle is a little better on big boost skies but im not 100% positive on that yet but leaning that direction (20 + psi). sure would like to hear more back to back testing. but at the end of the day i do believe fizzle does stand behind his product better than riva...

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    You need real data logging of inlet and outlet temps, pressure drops across the IC and water feed temps to the IC to know the true performance of an IC. I have logged all this before on twin turbo race motors. I am not saying that the IC will not get heat soaked, but so will the motor.

    There are so many other factors that come into play when you make back to back test hits in a jet ski as to performance.

    I like a descent size wheel and bigger cams. You do not work the SC clutch and IC as hard and move more air.

    It is obvious you can go fast on either IC so neither is a bad choice.

    I may have to dig up an old Fluke 52 meter and record some inlet and outlet temps next summer. I used to do this on Turbo Buick's back in the day in addition to EGT under the turbo.


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