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    Eliminating Siphon Bilge Consideration

    For the guys who have or are considering eliminating the siphon bilge and adding an electric bilge pump in the back on the GP1800 be aware the intermediate bulkhead is sealed to the boat bottom and has no holes in it less than 2 inches or so from the bottom. Meaning there will be more than 2" of water (measuring from the bottom of the vee) in the front part of the hull that cannot get to the back bilge pump unless you drill some drain holes in the bulkhead down closer to bottom.

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    I have noticed this before as well. I haven't thought of modifying the divider/bulkhead. I few holes would help I guess.

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    I'm pretty sure unless it's an all put race ski eliminating the syphon is a bad idea. Eliminated mine on my vxr and gained nothing but an electric humming away after every run and I slow down.. Simply not worth it... I will undo mine and go back to a syphon in short order i'm sure. Built my GP1800 over the past 5 or so months and left the tube in place.

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