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    2015 FX SVHO w/ 250 hours

    I have a 2015 FX SVHO Cruiser with 250 hours on it. Salt and Fresh use. Warranty up in July. I am torn to either keep it or take on a payment to get a new one, not sure what I would upgrade to. I am aware of the timing chain thing, so no need to beat that dead horse. Looking for opinions on what to do. I dont know how many others are out there with these kind of hours on a 2015. I already have a new RXTX 300. This is really a spare / friend ski. Thanks

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    I wouldn't take out a payment for a spare ski-you just won't get your money's worth out of it. How does the hull look on the FX-are there any cracks? Has the supercharger ever been replaced? I would try to guess what the expected cost of repairs might be in the next, say, four years on the FX and then estimate a payment on a machine that you might want to replace it with. This will give you a cost/benefit idea.

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    A very good friend of mine with an 80 mph18 fx svho pretty much since break in just had to have his 1st sc replace under warranty at 300 hrs 250hrs on a well maintained Yamaha is nothing I have 236.5 on my 17 vxho 1.8 runs like a top

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