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    Suv 1200 cavitation!!

    Hey everyone,

    So i just bought a 2001 suv the other day and I took it out and it fires right up after some new gas and new plugs. It rides great other than it has pretty bad cavitation under 18 mph, it takes some wiggling to get it going. This is my first ski and i have spent days searching for some options on how to fix it but I figured I would ask and see if anyone has any recommendations on where to start before dumping a bunch of money into the ski. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Check your impeller clearance and repair as necessary.

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    Cutlass is on point (as usual!), you're likely due for a wear ring.

    While you're in the pump, seal it. I don't think there is a seal kit for the SUV but you can achieve same goal with a tube of 3M 4200 - worth doing to reduce cavitation.

    If you aren't already aware, always heat the bolts on intake grate and ride plate before putting a wrench to them. Don't skip this - spin one insert in your hull and you'll wish you had heated the bolts w a torch first.

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    Alright so ill check the clearance and see what needs replacing.. would it be smart to do the impeller and the wear ring at the same time. And I will also seal the pump but what i dont know is where to seal the pump and how to even go about doing that.

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    If the wear ring isn't all chewed up, id just do the impeller and check clearance again. iv'e done several that were outside of specs and the impeller closed it up fine. clearance should be around .014/.018 thousands.
    even if the ring is lightly scored an impeller should tighten it up. If the ring has been replaced with one of the cheap plastic replaceable ones get rid of it and find a good original on Ebay. I just picked one up for a GPr I'm fixing for $55 that's like new.
    Call Impros (951) 737 2900. they'll get you hooked up with a good impeller.

    depending on the hrs on the ski you may want to consider rebuilding the pump housing while you've got it out.(seals and bearings about $40/50)

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    Well after pulling everything apart i found the clearance bettween the wear ring and the impeller to be perfect as it looks like the ring was almost brand new and there was already a solas impeller on it. But as i was pulling things off i found there to be little to no sealant on any of the parts and the felt packing was all gone so i bought a riva pump seal kit and alot of 3m 4200 later and she runs awesome and no more cavitation!!

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    Nice to find an unexpected goody! Good job sealing it up, I'm sure it's a night and day difference

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