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    Solas vs stock prop

    Someone teach me about props and pitchs.
    I felt like my stock prop ski went faster than my 13/18 prop.

    Best i've gotten at 8700rpms was 80mph on GPS, but when I was under 8500rpms on stock prop I was able to clock 82mph easily.
    I will however say, the acceleration feels amazing.

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    Need more information. Mods ect. Sounds like at 8700 you're on the limiter.

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    It sounds like itís pitched for acceleration and not top speed. Like changing around the gearing on a car. You accelerate faster but hit the rev limiter sooner. More torque but less top end.

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    Youíll be needing a 13/20 Iíd think.

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    The Solas SVHO impellers are night and day better than stock, both in acceleration and top speed. Sounds like you are on the limiter with the 13/18. Pitch it up to a 13/20

    Solas Yamaha 160mm Concord 13/20 Impeller for SVHO Skis

    The new Solas Concord YV-CD-13/20 blows away the performance of your stock impeller! Large blade area and superior hub design deliver increased...
    YV-CD-13/20 $316.95

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    Anybody using a 13/19? why jump from a 18 right to a 20?

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