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    Unhappy Yamaha XL800 2001 wont turn over

    Hi folks!

    was out in the garage yesterday, changing some hoses and lubricated some parts.

    When finished I thought why not turn on the jetski, since it was around 3 weeks ago i did it last time. But when i pushed the start button, nothing happened, I just heard a small click, so I tried again but then there was a slight click. I rememberd that the battery was still in. Oh well, I charge it overnight but today there was the same clicking sound.

    Last time i started it, it turned over perfectly and ran for a couple of seconds, no signs of anything being wrong.

    I have not taken anything apart yet because maybe you guys have some idea where the problem could be.

    My theory is that I need a new battery, but im not really sure It should be an easy fix?

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    So I opened up the electrical box, and changed the fuse from start relay to starter motor. BAM, it started to crank. And i got it firing again. Easy fix I knew it.

    Well, I guess I didnt need any help really, but there might be someone out there who has the same issue, and dont have a clue what it can be. It can be an easy solution like this one that helps.

    cheers and ride safe

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