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    Slip moment after supercharger rebuild

    After the rebuild I measure 115 in lbs before clutch slips. Manual states it should be 60-106 in lbs, and can add shims if too low. But there is no mention of what to do if itís above the spec.

    Am I ok or do I need to change something?

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    Sea Doo recommends slip after a complete rebuildto be set between 80 in/lbs and 124 in/lbs. You're good. I think your numbers are referring the slip after breakin.
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    Your slip is just fine!

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    Thanks guys,
    1st time and it works!

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    Hi new to the forums. I have a similar situation. 2008 stock GTX 215. I am trying to add to my Sea Doo experience and wanted to take a shot my first supercharger rebuild. I bought the stock Sea Doo factory rebuild kit along with the specialty tools. I already had the dial inch pound torque wrench, and also used the recommended Isoflex Topas NB52 grease on the clutch and needle bearings.

    First off this is the most expensive route. You are better off just sending your supercharger off to Jerry at Greenhulk However I am stubborn and was willing to pay more to gain the skillset.

    I am used to working on precision machines, so I followed the factory manual to a tee including 22 ft lbs on the main clutch nut with 243 blue Locktite. After exercising the clutch 10 revolutions I get 90 inch pounds (10.2 NM) when measuring clutch slip on a vice. I realize this is within the spec, however it on the low end of the spec for a new supercharger rebuild. It seems many on the forum recommend 100 inch lbs for clutch slip moment on a new build. Would you recommend shimming to get a higher slip moment? Where do you buy the correct shims and what would you recommending shimming to? I see differing opinions on 243 Locktite as recommended in the factory manual vs. red (permanent) Loctite on the clutch nut. Have there been a lot of failures following the factory recommendations? Everything else on the supercharger seems great, bearings seem really smooth with no end play.

    I saw this post, but am trying to learn more

    Thanks for any guidance.

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