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    Battery for fishing ski

    Got a 2013 Yamaha vxr I am currently setting up for offshore fishing. Doing a dual battery set up now with blue sea switch and ACR as well as there fuse block.
    What I want to ask is what is everyone’s opinion on batteries and brands. Looking for best battery’s to add to system.

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    Deka manufacture factory sealed AGM batteries would be my recommendation. Use their ETX series for engine start (the ‘normal’ watercraft battery functions).

    For running the additional electronics, you can use a matching Deka AGM battery. Or a larger capacity AGM. Deep cycle AGM is an option, but you must make sure both batteries use the same chemistry.

    Matched batteries will maintain the correct state of charge for a given voltage.

    Mismatched batteries can potentially cause incorrect charging of one battery or the other, when the ACR is in ‘batteries are combined’ mode.

    Also do not mix new and ‘old’ batteries, even of the same brand/type, for similar reasons.

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    Any idea on deal part number? Thanks

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    the ETX 16L is specified for most skis, but for your application consider some mods to get the ETX 30L

    you can recognize an east penn /deka battery by the fact they do not use nuts. The terminals are threaded into blocks and the cables use a 10mm bolt for fastening

    DEAK /East Penn OEM to many vendors.

    Check warranties, they vary among those who sell them

    Typical is one year. I've seen two years on some other "branded" batteries

    plenty of pics of them and extended discussions in the forum

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    Thank you👍

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