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    How many coats of Ceramic Coat?

    I ordered the PWC Velocity Visions V3 for my new GP1800R. I wanted to get it on before it ever sees the water. My question is should I do a second coat? Or is 1 sufficient?
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    Follow the instructions. Use the cleaner, apply the coat. Let it cure. IMO, a second coat won’t hurt only because it will fill in any spots you missed. Let cure again. Then use top coat.

    my machines look brand new still..

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    I purchased Velocity Visions for the new 2019 FX SVHO, boat and for the ATV.

    Q. The dealer is offering a product called Freedom Appearance Protection. The ski is treated with it before I pick it up. I think the cost is about $250. Anyone have experience with the product? The product seems to address nano hulls. Before I say No to the dealer I thought I'd ask you guys Thanks.

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    It’s really hard to say. In all likelihood, it’s a nice way for the dealer to make money. But that’s their job. It’s likely $40 worth of product and $50 worth of labor.

    Tell me...what is nano technology? There is really no “legal” term but rather something that’s tossed around a lot. Sounds special but that’s all that it may be.

    Otjer than that, I would look for reviews. Maybe it’s worth it...maybe not.

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    I applied the V3 over the weekend. Everything went smoothly. Can definitely tell a difference in looks and feel of the surface now. If it holds up well I will do my boat as well.

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    I just finished applying a ceramic coat product to my GP1800, this is my second time doing this. I bought a version off off an eBay seller for $59.95. It went on before my ski ever hit the water last year (new) and definitely made the rediculasly hard hard water spots that we get from the Colorado River much easier to remove. Besides the directions that came with the kit I also watched a few YouTube videos on the stuff, I found them worth viewing. So the biggest thing that I came away with from the videos was #1, Ceramic coat and Nano coating are the same thing, the main component is Silica Dioxide (glass) #2, the one video proclaimed that a consumer based product is designed to last 1-2 years where as a commercial shoul last from 3-7 years! They also commented that wax normally last 3-6 months. I would concur with WaterDr that a second coat is probably worth the effort, you will hit any sections that you may have missed and also with more product on there you'll get more time before it gets worn away. The second coat should go on much faster since you won't need to clean and prep. Wax on, wax off Grasshopper.

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