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    2018 fxho

    Not an SVHO. Got it last year only was able to put 10 hours on it. What if anything can be done to it to give it a little more power. I don't want to spend to much or void remaining 3 years of warranty, but would like a little more power from stop.

    Thanks very much a newbie and would get it done from my dealer.
    Also my dealer is currently repairing hull damage from delivery. Hoping for the best with the repair. I thought it was damaged from a forklift but was assured that even though that's how they move them around it was "shipping crate" damage. Either way I don't have to pay for it.
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    Also, how bad is the hull damage and when/how did it occur?

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    The damage was 2 -2 foot long scrapes from the back toward the front, on either side of the rear plate. Very much the shape of forklift blade. I also bought a VX cruiser the same day which had identical damage. The damage was all the way down to the bare hull on the FX but never leaked water. Unfortunately I never inspected either units and drove them home. After getting home the next day I saw the damage. I called yamaha and let them know about it. I couldn't bring them back because I was going on a 2 week vacation. I also didn't want to lose the rest of the summer using them. The dealer was great and said it was crate damage. Maybe a way to warranty the repair, didn't matter to me as long as I didn't have to pay.

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    By the way would just using the river grate be worth it. I would rather not spend over $1500 especially since i have a 12 year old on with me at the same time.

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    That's good that they're covering it, but very unfortunate that you brought the skis home without seeing the damage.

    And are you asking about the riva intake grate? That will not help with top speed, but would help a bit with cavitation and hooking up in rough water.

    That link that I posted is pretty much the basic modifications for your ski. The tune and prop is going to be the best bang for the buck.

    Maybe you can get the factory ride plate cut by Jim's, but I'm not sure if it's offered or what benefits it would have. Maybe 1 or 2 mph max.

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    ok thanks

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    My wife rides a 2018 FXHO. It has the same 1.8 na engine as my 2013 VXR. I did a few things to the VXR, ribbon delete, cold air intake, and Tommy Jordan's exhaust mod. Those mods made it "seem" a little faster on the hole shot but was it worth the 200 bucks in parts, maybe. I had no way to measure the acceleration. I just started to get a little cavitation on the hole shot so figured it has a little more power. Top speed didn't change. A tune will wake it up some but then you need 91 octane fuel and your warranty is more than likely useless. As mentioned, Jim's cut ride plate can get you 1-2 mph on top end most of the time. My 2018 FXHO is staying stock. I have a 2019 FXHO ordered. It's staying stock. I've learned that if you want more power, just get a SVHO. There's a video somewhere, where a HO ski was tuned, had cold air intake installed, different exhaust, different impeller, and I think a ride plate. It still wasn't as quick or as fast as a stock SVHO but the cost was almost the same as paying the extra for a SVHO.

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    Appreciate the reply. Thats exactly the info I was looking for. I will leave it stock at least until the warranty is over.

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